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Urla is a city, which is located 35km far away from the İzmir city centre, extends to Aegean Sea from the North to the South, witnessed different civilizations in the history and a place, where the great history blends with beautiful nature.

The oldest attested olive oil production facilities were recently discovered at the harbor area, Klazomenai (an archeological site) district. The traces also indicate first exports of olive oil by way of sea.

In ancient times, the city of Ancient Klazomenai was known as an important trade center especially for it’s olive oil production.

Urla’s beach with the unique view of Izmir Bay and 12 islands located in front of the coast of Urla is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey. Urla becomes the address of tranquility because of the peninsula’s sparkling bays and clean water in the villages located in the southern part. The town is also famous for rich dishes made with local herbs and seafood.